Which Omega Watches Are Worth Investing In

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Omega watch

There are more and more watch lovers who invest in this industry just so they can earn big numbers by buying and selling these accessories. As you can easily guess, for those involved in this field, only the most well-known and well-loved brands should be considered.

Therefore, the best advice to follow is always to carefully evaluate which models are worth investing inperhaps by looking at the price of Omega watches or Rolex watches, to name just two of the most important brands on the market today in this specific sector.

Just to give an example, the most famous and appreciated watches of the Omega brand correspond to the speed master et al master sailor. These two beautiful models were manufactured in 1957 and are fundamental results for the history of this brand. For those wondering, there is currently no increase in the reference value of these two Omega watches.

Quite frequently, in fact, this expectation has as its object only and exclusively limited editions and more details, which are also the most popular among collectors. In the end, however, we are only faced with speculation, as the prices of the limited editions of Omega’s Seamaster and Speedmaster models will not increase in any case. Let’s take a look at some models that could see the biggest price increases.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy, special edition

As we said before, only the special editions deserve to be evaluated with the greatest attention. It is therefore impossible to ignore the three special editions of the Omega Speedmaster Snoopy. Concretely, perhaps the most interesting is the ref. 3578.51.00.

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These are three models that are the subject of the most disparate requests, especially since the brand wanted to expand the series from two to three watches. This particular watch, among others, has a very particular history behind it, since the first Speedmaster model was launched to commemorate the Apollo 13 mission. It is this specific version, whose production number refers precisely to the duration that characterized the Apollo 13 mission, which lasted 142 hours, 54 minutes and 41 seconds.

Spectrum Omega Seamaster 300

Another Omega watch that could see its value increase is undoubtedly the 300 Specter. This particular model is considered to be the best limited edition James Bond Omega launched on the market. Collectors love this version which, among other things, is the first limited edition that the well-known character has worn in one of the films of the saga.

In fact, theSpectrum Omega Seamaster 300 debuted in 2015, as a tribute to the film of the same name, i.e. Spectrumthe fourth in which to assume the role of the protagonist there was Daniel Craig. It is true, on the other hand, that I 7007 copies of the limited edition not all were sold immediately, but demand and prices gradually increased over time.

Omega Speedmaster First OMEGA in space

Here is a model that belonged to the collection Historic Omega Speedmaster Models and which has reached the top of the range thanks to a list price which has come close to the ceiling of 5,000 euros. The production of this model was interrupted a few months ago by Omega: it is clear that this move has only brought a significant increase in terms of requests. This is the most current version of a great classic, the Omega Speedmaster, featuring a 39.7mm steel case and straight lugs.

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