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Electric or bamboo steamer

What is the best way to steamed food? Better choose one electric or bamboo steamer? The positions are different, but the experts agree on the preferred choice.

The advantage of a steamer is that it can cook food without having to add additional seasonings: the dishes are light and digestible, ideal also for those who follow a diet to lose weight.

How to use the steamer and which one to choose? In this article, we discover the advantages of the electric steamer and the bamboo steamer, to define which is the best kitchen appliance.

Electric steamer or bamboo steamer?

The Steamboat – along with the air fryer – is one of the best essential kitchen appliances for every family: the advantages of smoking there are really a lot of them.

Proceeding from the fact that thanks to the steamer it is possible to achieve efficient cooking without adding seasonings and without bringing to a boil. THE steamed food they are particularly suitable for diets, as food (vegetables, ravioli, meat, or other dishes) they keep all their principles and beneficial properties unchanged.

However, you have to choose between two alternatives: the electric steamer or the bamboo one is better? Let’s try to understand what are the advantages of both, to make the right choice.

Electric steamer: how to use it and which one to choose

The electric steamer is the most modern version of this device: many people prefer to use the latter rather than the traditional bamboo version. Why?

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Certainly, the electric steamer is very practical and easy to use: To cook food, just set it and let it go. Another convenience also concerns the ease of cleaning: the baskets of the electric steamer are made of metal or plastic and are easily stored in the dishwasher.

In contrast, the electric steamer consumes energy and that could be it disadvantageous in terms of bills. Not only that: often I prices they can be higher than the traditional bamboo steamer.

However, there are ideal and affordable solutions for those who intend buy electric steamer.

On Amazon, at this addressyou can buy one Beper Brand Electric Steamer with power up to 400-500W in silver, black and white.


This product has the advantage of having two transparent 2.5 liter trays each, so that several foods can be cooked at the same time. the timer arrive at 60 minutes. The price of this electric steamer is €24.90.

Bamboo steamer: how to use it and which one to choose

The bamboo vaporizer this is the traditional method of steaming still used today in some eastern villages. Many experts believe that this solution is the best choice when it comes to steamingbecause wood is a winning material.

The bamboo steamer is in woodin fact, and is equipped with one or more baskets, which are placed on a pot of slightly smaller diameter. In this pot you will have to put the water which, once brought to a boil, will allow you to cook with perfect steam.

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Another interesting advantage of this solution is the fact that food can be served directly from the basket of the bamboo steamer: you can make a good impression in front of your guests.

On the other hand, the bamboo steamer should be treated with the right precautions, as it looks like a very delicate product. It cannot be washed in the dishwasher and should always be kept clean.

Many may think the price of these bamboo steamers is high, but there are plenty of deals out there that can save money.

For example, on Amazon is available here a classic bamboo steamer at the price of €23.97. The strong points concern diameterequal to 10″and the possibility of using three levels for cooking several foods at the same time. Chopsticks are also included in the price.


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