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There are many new ones job offers 2022 for the months of April and May: a few companies they are looking for qualified and qualified professional personalities, whereas for other positions, it is enough to have only a diploma.

There is also the possibility of participating in public competitions 2022 to enter the Public administration, or to aspire to the beloved permanent position at the state level. Calls for access to the competition for the recruitment of are open Carabinieri, Police and Firefighters.

As there are also many opportunities for the world of Communicationof marketing andcomputer science. Let’s find out in this article which are the 2022 job offers for the months of April and May that you should not miss.

Job offers 2022: the most requested figures

Which are they the most requested professions and figures in the 2022 job offers for the months of April and May?

According to an analysis conducted by Datalab Assolavoroin April and May they are at least 160 thousand digits searched by companies or professionals and above all there is a huge demand for cybersecurity and data analytics experts.

These professions, in detail, include data analysts and data scientists, cybersecurity analysts, digital project managers, construction engineers, architects, social media managers and export managers.

Instead, let’s move on to the 2022 job vacancies for average qualificationthe most requested positions are electronic figures, electromechanical and electrical system designers, surveyors.

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Among qualified workerson the other hand, there are job offers for industrial and civil electricians, CNC operators, millers, turners, wire and robot welders, thermohydraulic maintenance technicians, mechanical fitters, site managers / skilled construction workers, warehouse managers, forklift drivers with license.

Job offers 2022: who is looking

What are the companies looking for new candidates to be included in the staff? Here are some of the 2022 job openings to consider.

italian post

In addition to traditional convenience stores, or large national brands, one of the most interesting job offers of the moment is the possibility of entering italian post. Position currently looking graduate candidates for hire as an indefinite letter holder throughout Italy: the deadline for applications is April 30, 2022.

The candidates graduateson the other hand, they can aspire to join Poste Italiane in the roles of digital, technology and operations or how engineers, architects, managers.


Ikea look for 100 candidates new graduates or graduates to be hired within the staff of many offices located throughout Italy.

Among the most requested figures stand out the sales staffthe account managersI cashiersthe logistics workersthe bar and restaurant staff. Opportunities are also provided internshippart-time or full-time fixed-term employment.

Regions in which new personalities are hired include Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany and Veneto.

Italian Red Cross

Healthcare is always looking for new candidates willing and ready to get involved in helping others. The Italian Red Cross is looking for new graduates or graduates to be taken in many parts of Italy.

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For example, a Rome we are looking for:

  • training officer;
  • training and development officer;
  • Public Procedure Officer,
  • Project Manager;
  • Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Technical support to the RUP.

As for the health professions, the Red Cross is also looking for anesthetists.

In this case, you need a specialization in anesthesia and intensive care or emergency / emergency medicinein addition toregistration in the professional register. The possession ofRSP course certificate (Public Health Service), and previous experience is welcome.

The possibilities of entering the Italian Red Cross are always open as volunteer.

Job offers 2022: how to apply

To apply for the job vacancies we have listed above, it is possible consult the official sites from Poste Italiane, Ikea and the Italian Red Cross.

Each platform has a Section “Work with us”which lists all vacancies and requirements for submitting your application.

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