Your next vacation: Italy or abroad?

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Where to go with the green pass

Whenever we think about the next vacation, the dilemma is always the same: where are we going? Sea or mountain? Cultural visit or simply fun? Italy or abroad?

No matter how used to traveling you are, when you have to choose the future destination, doubts always come back. This year, the indecision is likely to be even more pronounced, as we have just emerged from a long period of restrictions which have, in a way, forced us to stay close to home for the holidays, or even to go there. to renouncer.

The experience of the pandemic has pushed us to avoid crowded places to protect ourselves from probable contagion. At the same time now the desire to take the plane and go far it is strong for many.

Of course, everyone has different ideas and needs. In this article, we consider the pros and cons of a stay in Italy and a trip abroad hoping to help you clear your mind and book your next vacation as soon as possible.

How to decide on the next vacation destination

Until a few decades ago, going on vacation abroad meant not only seeing different places, but most often also coming into contact with different uses and customs of ours.

Globalization then opened the doors of different countries, creating continuities encounters and fusions between different culturesmake us known even while staying at home, or always make us feel a little at home even when we are beyond the Alps.

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Does it make sense, then, to travel hours when everything can be at your fingertips? What are the benefits of living abroad today?

Why travel abroad?

It’s true, even staying at home, you can get to know different cultures. But you want to put see distant places directly with your eyes? Going to an Indian restaurant in your city will never be like trying the food there, as restaurant owners often have to adapt their food to local tastes when in a foreign country.

Similarly, watching a travel documentary is not enough to be able to say that you know another culture. Only by diving into it, savoring the tastes, smelling the smells and listening to the sounds can you truly say you are. culturally enriched.

But not only. There are places in the world that are unique and cannot be replicated in any way. Where can you find the sandy expanses of the Sahara? Where could you go on a safari to get to know the elephants up close?

Travel abroad it’s an experience that opens the mind and allows you to have lots to talk about when you return.

If we want to reflect on the disadvantages, we must consider that a trip abroad sometimes it may be more expensive, both economically and energetically. Luggage should be prepared with more care, especially if you are going abroad or to places where the temperatures are different from those in which we live.

Going on vacation outside Europe also means having to equip yourself with passport and sometimes even seen. Both of these documents need to be prepared on time so if you are planning a vacation away from home, start worrying right away about what necessary documents.

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Advantages and disadvantages of staying in Italy

Our country offers extraordinary beauties that the whole world envies us. The Italian economy is largely based on tourism for obvious reasons: archaeology, architecture, natural beauty, good food and sunshine make our peninsula one of the most envied places.

That said, isn’t all this enough to have a good holiday? Journey to Italie it has many advantages. First of all, there are so many things to know not far from home, so we can often have fun when we are very young. weekend break no need for long programming.

In the past two years, among other things, both due to the impossibility of going abroad and the fear of infections, many people have preferred to stay at the Bel Paese without being disappointed.

Staying in Italy also has among its advantages that of not having to manage foreign languages. So if you find it difficult to make yourself understood when you are abroad, staying at home will certainly make you more comfortable.

Leaving Italy, however, also allows you to experience things you could never come into contact with otherwise, as we said above. As beautiful and rich as Italy is in everything, what the world has to offer is just as wonderful.

Conclusion: what to choose for the 2022 holidays?

As you will have understood, there is no idea that can suit everyone. In Italy or abroadall vacations are worthwhile, as long as they guarantee new experiences, fun and inner growth.

Many can only take one vacation a year. If this is the case for you, you need to make sure it is memorableno matter where you go.

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For the 2022 vacation take care to plan your trip in detail, to avoid disappointment. Think about what you would like to do and what you need to take away from thinking about the past two years.

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